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Fullbore Rifle Shooting at MOD Ranges

MOD Full Bore Ranges

Altcar Range
This range is managed by Reserve Forces and Cadets Association. Their policy is to maximise use. Their charges are set to encourage shooting.

There is a meeting as usual every first Sunday in the month, in the afternoon.
The full programme is on the "Outdoor Shooting" Page.

Sealand Range
See the Outdoor shooting Page for details.

Note the full days where we will run a rimfire competition - best aggregate score for all distances shot (maybe, if the wind is not too strong, 22 rimfire at 100, 200 and 300 yards!).

The full programme is on the "Outdoor Shooting" page.

Llansilin Range
This is an excellent range, with shooting out to 400yds. Because of the nature of the site there is no need to post sentries to guard the Danger Area. There are excellent facilities on the site. It is worth the extra distance to travel (about half an hour longer than Sealand).